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  • Adventure Kayaking

    kayak adventures

    Adventure Kayaking

    All of our kayaks are top of the line fully-equipped...

  • Camping & Lodging

    camping on beach

    Camping & Lodging

    An exciting kayak adventure could include camping on an uncrowded beach...

  • Expedition Packages

    Kayaking expedition

    Expedition Packages

    All packages can be customized to include land-to-caye shuttles

  • Belize Sea Kayaking

    Kayaking and camping adventures out of Placencia, Belize

    Along the Caribbean coast of Belize and about 25 miles offshore the beach village of Placencia is the world’s second largest barrier reef, the majestic Belize Barrier Reef. This important reef ecosystem is home to hundreds of species of colorful fish, exotic coral, and unusual invertebrates. Almost 450 mangrove cayes and sand islands are formed within the reef and its unique coral atolls where distinct types of wildlife and habitat are commonly seen.

    Combined with the tropical climate, a paddler’s paradise is complete!

    Let us arrange for your tropical adventure. We provide everything from full-service, guided, multi-day kayak and camping trips to daily kayak rentals.

  • Favorite Destinations

    Silk Cayes or Queen Cayes

    Silk Cayes or Queen Cayes Glistening White Beaches and Swaying Palm Trees These three tiny remote islands on the Southern Shelf Lagoon lie directly behind the protection of the barrier reef, about 25 miles out from Placencia. Plenty of patch reefs and expansive shallow water surround the islands to give spectacular snorkeling and Read more

    Saddle Caye South - Discover the Trees in the Sea

    Saddle Caye South - Discover the Trees in the Sea Seven miles southeast of Placencia in the Lark Range is the uninhabited island of Saddle Caye South. The island’s mangrove trees with their arching aerial roots dominate the seascape and the surrounding waters teeming with marine life and wildlife. At Saddle Caye South, snorkel and explore areas of vigorous Read more