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In 1996, (formerly Saddle Caye South, Ltd) was formed by Sherry and Joe Finkbeiner of Eagle, Michigan USA. Sherry spent many weeks and months in Placencia growing the business and creating a second home for her and Joe. They both enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and providing eco-friendly adventures so that all could see the natural beauty of the cayes and islands surrounding the Belizean Barrier Reef. After emailing with Sherry and being given excellent advice on kayak adventures, travelers were often surprised to find that Sherry had limited mobility and was sometimes constrained to a wheelchair. Sherry loved living in Placencia for part of the year, and it was her confidence that Belize was a travel destination that must be shared that gave her fortitude to continue. Joe continued working as an industrial electrician and joined her when time allowed throughout the years until he finally retired and could travel with her. When in Michigan, they would continue to devote time to business development and promoting Belize. This was when they weren’t spending time with their eight grandchildren (three of whom have a father that was born and raised in Placencia)!

Sadly, Joe Finkbeiner passed away in February 2013, and Sherry passed away a mere three weeks later. Their daughters and sons-in-law, all of Kalamazoo, Michigan, share their eagerness for providing wonderful adventures based out of Placencia! Joe and Sherry developed relationships with knowledgeable and enthusiastic Belizean guides, captains, and liaisons, who continue to work with the family.

We look forward to serving you! Please feel free to contact any one of us to answer any questions you may have about or Belize in general!

Toni & Mike Cramer, Kim & Bill Steinmann, Joey Small

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Irvin Neal: Tel.: (501) 615-9973
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    Saddle Caye South - Discover the Trees in the Sea

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